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Lunch and Poster Session 1
Monday, January 29, 2018, 12:25-13:55
Hibiscus Room/Promenade
A reserve stem cell populations in postgestating mice liver: Histo-immune study
A. Ali*1, M. Ashgan2, S. Karim2, F. Alqudsi1,2
1Alexandria University, Egypt, 2King Abdul-Aziz University, Saudi Arabia
Effects of matured adipocyte-derived dedifferentiated fat (DFAT) cells on skin reconstruction using artificial dermis in wound management
K. Soejima*, T. Kashimura, T. Kazama, T. Matsumoto, H. Nakazawa
Nihon University School of Medicine, Japan
Identification of neural crest stem cells in human adult bone marrow
S. Wislet
University of Liège, Belgium
Effect of OP and BPA on Calcium signalling in cardiac development derived from mouse embryonic stem cells
J-H. Lee, C. Ahn, S.Y. Park, J.Y. An, D.N. Tran, E-B. Jeung*
Chungbuk National University, Republic of Korea
Protease activated receptor 1 activation enhances osteogenic potential of periodontal ligament mesenchymal stem cells
E.S. Rovai, L.R. Oliveira, B.N. França, L.M.B. Ambrósio, L.M. Gasparoni, C.R. Sipert, M. Holzhausen*
University of São Paulo, Brazil
Introducing EpiXTM: A technology platform empowering adult epithelial stem cell biology, diagnostics and therapeutics
C. Zhang, R. Wang, A. Srivastava, T. McQuiston, D. Sloan, J. Blasic, K. Biely, S. Challberg, B.A. Pollok*
Propagenix Inc., USA
Transition of efficiently derived feeder-free human iPSC line to stable and well-defined 3-D retinal cups
R. Shrestha*1,2, Y-T. Wen2, R-K. Tsai1,2
1Tzu Chi University, Taiwan, 2Buddhist Tzu Chi General Hospital, Taiwan
V-ATPase proton pump regulates exosomes signaling in human glioma stem cells
I. Bertolini*1,2, A. Terrasi1,3, A. Di Cristofori3,1, S. Ferrero1,3, M. Caroli1, V. Vaira1,2
1Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Italy, 2Istituto Nazionale di Genetica Molecolare, Italy, 3University of Milan, Italy
Umbilical cord blood stem cells banking: Current perspectives and future role in Indian scenario
C. Kohli*1, J. Kishore1
1Indian Council of Medical Research, India, 2Vardhman Mahavir Medical College, India
A role of ER stress and UPR in hematopoietic differentiation
A. Tanimura1, K. Miyoshi1, T. Horiguchi1, H. Hagita1, K. Fujisawa2, T. Noma*1
1Tokushima University Graduate School, Japan, 2Yamaguchi University, Japan
Identification and characterization of endogenous LXR ligands in ventral midbrain and cerebrospinal fluid; relation to neurodegenerative diseases
S. Theofilopoulos*1,2, E. Arenas2, I. Bjorkhem2, P. Crick1, W.J. Griffiths1, A. Meljon1, W. Oliveira2, Y. Wang1, S. Yang2, E. Yutuc1
1Swansea University, UK, 2Karolinska Institute, Sweden
GATA6 and Ras/MAPK signaling determine exit from pluripotency in embryonic stem cells
Y.M. Meng, R.M. Moore, W.T. Tao, E.R.S. Smith, X.X. Xu*
University of Miami, USA
Natural rubber latex as stem cells scaffold for tissue regeneration
J.F. Floriano*, R.D. Herculano, C.F.O. Graeff
São Paulo State University (UNESP), Brazil
Fetal neuronal progenitors from different brain areas show distinct potential to generate serotoninergic neurons and to alleviate pain after spinal cord injury
C.M. Batista*1, E. Mariano1, F. Onuchic1, C.S. Dale2, A.F. Cristante1, J.P. Otoch1, M.J. Teixeira1, G. Lepski1
1São Paulo University, Brazil, 2Eberhard-Karls University, Germany
Rac1b regulates the quiescence and chemotherapy resistance of breast cancer stem cells in luminal breast cancer
A. Ucar*1, D.G. Alferez1, M. Kamjoo1, F. Chen1, A.H. Sims2, R.B. Clarke1, K. Brennan1, C.H. Streuli1
1University of Manchester, UK, 2University of Edinburgh, UK
Stage specific differentiation of human mesenchymal stem cells into neurons
Z. Equbal*, M. Srivastava, A. Mukhopadhyay
National Institute of Immunology, India
Inhibition of embryonic stem cell markers expression by PRP-1 leads to elimination of cancer stem cell population in human chondrosarcoma cell line
K. Galoian*1, A. Moran1, S. Saigh2, A. Hoyt1, D. Greif1
1University of Miami, USA, 2Flow Cytometry Shared Resource at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, USA
Characterization of Hepatitis virus-stimulated innate immune responses during Hepatocyte differentiation from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
J.S. Edwards*, F.Z. Asumda, J. Hyun, D.M. Dykxhoorn, E.R. Schiff, E. Thomas
University Of Miami, USA
A patient-derived iPSC model of a rare TTC3 mutation segregating with Alzheimer’s disease
H.N. Cukier*1, F.S. Johnson1, C. Garcia Serje1, R.M. Carney1,2, J.M. Vance1, M.L. Cuccaro1, M.A. Pericak-Vance1, D.M. Dykxhoorn1
1University of Miami, USA, 2Miami Veterans Affairs, USA
iPSC-derived neurons from idiopathic ASD patients display deficits in neuronal differentiation and synaptic function
C. Garcia-Serje*1, J. El Hokayem1, B.A. DeRosa1,2, E. Artimovich3, J.E. Nestor3, J.M. Vance1, M.A. Pericak-Vance1, H.N. Cukier1, M.W. Nestor3, D.M. Dykxhoorn1
1University of Miami, USA, 2Oregon Health & Science University, USA, 3The Hussman Institute for Autism, USA
iPSC-based modeling of citrullinemia, an inherited urea cycle disorder of the liver
G. Gurhan1, S. Akbari2, B. Sengun1, E. Ozel*1, N. Arslan2, E. Erdal2, T.T. Onder1
1Koc University, Turkey, 2Dokuz Eylul University, Turkey
The c-Jun N-terminal kinase (JNK) is a crucial component of maintenance in glioblastoma stem-like cells.
A.M. Acanda de la Rocha*, M. Rodriguez-Silva, R. Alvarez, S. Gonzalez-Arias, J.W. Chambers
Florida International University, USA
Endothelial-derived extracellular matrix (ECM) promotes osteogenic differentiation of human bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells
Y.Q. Kang
Florida Atlantic University, USA
Combined effects of Methamphetamine and EcoHIV on mouse subventricular zone neural progenitor cells
M. Park*, D. Cambow, H. Levine, W. Baker, E. Barral, A. Leda, M. Toborek
University of Miami School of Medicine, USA
Methamphetamine increases HIV infectivity in neural progenitor cells
M. Skowronska*, M. McDonald, M. Velichkovska, A. Leda, M. Park, M. Toborek
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, USA
LMO2 regulates dedifferentiation and transdifferentiation of glioma stem cells
C.G. Park*1, S. Kim2, H. Kim1,3
1Department of Biotechnology, School of Life Sciences and Biotechnology, Korea University, Seoul, Republic of Korea, 2Department of Animal Science, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Chonnam National University, Gwangju, Republic of Korea, 3Institute of Animal Molecular Biotechnology, Korea University, Seoul, Republic of Korea
RNA-sequencing gene expression profiling of orbital adipose-derived stem cell population implicate HOX genes and WNT signalling dysregulation in the pathogenesis of Thyroid-Associated Orbitopathy (TAO)
W. Tao*1,2, H. Ayala-Haedo1,2, M. Field1,2, D. Pelaez1,2, S. Wester1,2
1University of Miami, USA, 2Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, USA
Multipotent pancreatic progenitor-like cells within the human exocrine pancreas
M.M.F. Qadir1, S. Alvarez-Cubela1, D. Klein*1, G. Lanzoni1, C. Garcia-Santana3, A. Montalvo1, F. Placeres-Uray1, C. Ricordi1, R.L. Pastori1,2, J. Dominguez-Bendala1 et al
1University of Miami, USA, 2University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, USA, 3Ophysio, Inc., USA
Induced pluripotent stem cell transplantation into rat cochleae after hair cell damage
E. Ocak*1,2, S. Mulazimoglu1, J. Mittal2, M.K. Gokcan1, R. Mittal2, A.E. Eshraghi2
1Ankara University, Turkey, 2University of Miami, USA
Cerebellar organoids as a 3d model of human brain cancer
M. Anderle*, C. Ballabio, G. Aiello, D. Caron, L. Tiberi
University of Trento, Italy
PRMT5 maintains genomic stability in hematopoietic stem cells by controlling the alternative splicing of epigenetic factors
P-J. Hamard*1,2, G.E. Santiago1,2, F. Liu1,2, S. Greenblatt1,2, D. Karl1,2, C. Martinez1,2, R. Verdun1,2, S. Nimer1,2
1Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, USA, 2University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, USA
ErbB2-induced downregulation of a transcription factor Irf6 is required for malignant transformation of breast epithelial cells.
I. Khan, B. Yoo, K. Rosen*
Dalhousie University, Canada
Engineering dynamic hydrogels to mature human embryonic stem cell-derived cardiac tissues
G. Tansik*1, R. Besser2, A. Agarwal1,3
1University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, USA, 2University of Miami, USA, 3Dr. John T. Macdonald Foundation Biomedical Nanotechnology Institute, USA
Predisposing mesenchymal stem cells to inflammation in vitro promotes robust immunomodulatory effects mediated by specific subsets of responding cells.
A.C. Bowles, D. Correa*
University of Miami, USA
Tet1 catalytic domain knock-out impairs neuroectoderm differentiation of human embryonic stem cells
H. LI*, Z. Hu, H. Jiang, J. Feng
State University of New York at Buffalo, USA
Delivery of targeted mesenchymal stem cells (MCS’s) to aid wound healing in a murine model of colitis
D. Madorma*, J. Burgueno, G. O'Connor, M. Regueiro, I. Fernandez, O. Velazquez, Z-J. Liu, M. Abreu, S. Deo, S. Daunert
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, USA
Different approaches to identify the cell of origin of brain cancer
L. Tiberi*, G. Aiello, M. Anderle, C. Ballabio, D. Caron
University of Trento, Italy
Human gingival mesenchymal stromal cells (GinPa-MSCs), possible vehicle of antineoplastic drugs, inhibit in vitro proliferation of oral squamous cell carcinoma
A.T. Brini1 et al
1Università degli Studi di Milano, Italy, 2IRCCS Galeazzi Orthopaedic Institute, Italy, 3Fondazione IRCCS Cà Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Italy, 4IRCCS Neurological Institute C. Besta, Italy, 5Università di Genova, Italy, 6Università di Brescia, Italy, 7Università dell’Insubria, Varese, Italy
CARM1/PRMT4 as a novel therapeutic target for AML
S. Greenblatt*1, N. Man1, P.J. Hamard1, T. Asai1, C. Martinez1, F. Liu1, Y. Xu1, J. Watts1, D. Tenen2, S.D. Nimer1
1University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, USA, 2National University of Singapore, Singapore
The role of the blood-brain barrier in zika virus infection
A.R. Leda*1, I.E. Andras1, D. Avilla1, N. El-Hage2, M. Nair2, M. Toborek1
1University of Miami, USA, 2Florida International University, USA
Selective HDAC3 inhibitor, HDAC3i alleviates memory impairment in triple transgenic mice and reverses pathological hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease in patient-derived neurons
K. Janczura*, C-H. Volmar, N. Riccardi, C. Wahlestedt
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, USA
Combination of allogeneic mesenchymal and kidney-derived stem cells in a swine model of chronic kidney disease-induced heart failure with preserved ejection fraction
A.C. Rieger, B.A. Tompkins, V. Florea, M. Banerjee, J. Rodriguez, M. Rosado, W. Balkan, J. Hare, I.H. Schulman* et al
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, USA
Hsp10/EPF in human pancreas and pancreatic islet-derived MSCs: a potential role in islets homeostasis
S. Corrao*1,2, M.M.F. Qadir1, G. Lanzoni1, J. Dominguez-Bendala1, E. Linetsky1, D. Correa1
1University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, USA, 2Fondazione Ri.MED, Italy
Lipid raft integrity is essential for metastasis and chemoresistance properties of CD133+ cancer stem cells in pancreatic cancer
V.K. Gupta*1, N.S. Sharma1, K. Kesh1, P. Dauer2, A. Nomura1, B. Giri1, V. Dudeja1, A.K. Saluja1, S. Banerjee1
1University of Miami, USA, 2University of Minnesota, USA
Use of multiple assays to evaluate safety and potency of human mesenchymal stem cells
B.A. Christy*, M.C. Herzig, C.P. Delavan, L.E. Estlack, P. Nair, R.K. Montgomery, C. Cantu, J.A. Bynum, A.P. Cap
US Army Institute of Surgical Research, USA
mTORC1 inhibition with Rapamycin induces mesenchymal stem cell expression of vascular smooth muscle cell markers
O. Elwardany*1,2, D. McCarthy1, E. Peterson1, J. Thompson1, R. Starke1
1University of Miami, USA, 2Suez Canal University, Egypt
Improved cord blood thawing procedure enhances the reproducibility of flow cytometry CD34+ cell viability and clonogenicity correlation
D.M. Vanegas*, C.C. Galindo, B. Camacho, A.M. Perdomo-Arciniegas
Instituto Distrital de Ciencia, Biotecnología e Innovación en Salud, Colombia
Small molecule induction of pioneer transcription factors for the neural reprogramming of mammalian glial cells
R.A. Gallo*1, J.Y. Lee1, R. Doddapaneni2, D. Pelaez1,2
1University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, USA, 2Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, USA
Jellyfish collagen and "gold standard" collagen matrix for human autologous nasal reconstruction with adipose mesenchymal stem cells: preliminary head to head comparison by high resolution mass spectrometry proteomics analysis
S. San Marina, S.G. Voss*, B.J. Madden, M. Charlesworth, G.S. Hamilton III, J. Janus
Mayo Clinic, USA
Inducible pluripotent stem cells derived cardiomyocytes proliferation is enhanced by co-culture with female mesenchymal stem cells.
A. Wanschel*, A.G. Salerno, K.E. Hatzistergos, I.H. Shulman, W. Balkan, J. Hare
University of Miami, USA
P2RY1 is a surface marker of human PDX1+ pancreatic cells with progenitor features and is overexpressed in human pancreatic adenocarcinoma cells
G. Lanzoni*1, E.M.C. Mazza1, M.M.F. Qadir1, S. Alvarez-Cubela1, D. Klein1, M. Boulina1, R. Pastori1, L. Inverardi1, J. Dominguez-Bendala1, C. Ricordi1
1University of Miami, USA, 2Istituto Clinico Humanitas IRCCS, Italy
Aspirin analogue encapsulated nanoparticles for enhanced delivery
A.A. Kalathil*, S. Dhar
University of Miami, USA
Using a tissue-engineered vascular model to develop mast cells from adult stem cells
R. Chan*, M. Derakhshan, R. Bhowmick, H. Gappa-Fahlenkamp
Oklahoma State University, USA
Removal of commonly used thiol-based antioxidants improves cardiac differentiation and alters the expression ratio of cardiac isoforms
C. Tu*, A. Allen, W. Deng, O. Conroy, M. Nambiar, J. Zoldan
University of Texas at Austin, USA
TLR9 agonist enhances radiofrequency ablation-induced CTL responses leading to potent inhibition of primary tumor growth and lung metastasis
J. Yuan*, A. Xu, J. Xiang
University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Hypoxic Stress Decreases c-Myc Protein Stability in Cardiac Progenitor Cells Inducing Quiescence and Compromising Their Proliferative and Vasculogenic Potential.
M.A. Bellio*, M.T. Pinto, V. Florea, P.A. Barrios, C.N. Taylor, A.B. Brown, C. Lamondin, J.M. Hare, I.H. Schulman, C.O. Rodrigues
Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute, USA
The proline-arginine dipeptide repeat protein binds to nucleophosmin and impedes DNA damage repair in C9ORF72-related ALS/FTD
N.S. Andrade*, R. Esanov, W. Liu, N.T. Chee, S. Del'Olio, M. Benatar, Y. Zhang, C. Wahlestedt, Z. Zeier
University of Miami, USA
LBH, a novel WNT effector in promoting basal-like breast cancer
K. Ashad-Bishop*1,2, K. Briegel1,2
1Braman Breast Cancer Institute, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, USA, 2University of Miami, USA
The WNT pathway gene, lbh, is critically required for breast carcinogenesis by promoting tumor initiation and survival
K. Garikapati*, P. Chen, K. Ashad-Bishop, L. Lindley, M. Rieger, K. Briegel
University of Miami-FL, USA
Interrogating coevolution of cancer cells and the microenvironment in a mouse model of skin carcinogenesis
A.N. Crouch*, B.J. Kubick, D.R. Roop
Univerisity of Colorado, USA
Fast generation of functional astrocyte subtypes from human pluripotent stem cells
X. Li*, S-C. Zhang
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
Dexamethasone and Azathioprine alter mesenchymal stem cells proteomic profile and affect cell migration towards SDF-1
N. Schneider, F. Otesbelgue, F. da Costa Gonçalves, P.L. da Costa Lopez, A.H. Paz*
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul – Research Center – Hospital de Clínicas de Porto Alegre, Brazil
Molecular mechanism of paternal contribution to epigenetic inheritance in mammals
A. Boskovic*, X.Y. Bing, O.J. Rando
UMass Medical school, USA
Cytotoxicity on apical papilla cells of intracanal dressings used to pulpal regenerative procedures in endodontics
C.L. Caldeira*, A.P. Oliveira, C.R. Sipert
University of Sao Paulo, Brazil
Acute neural stem cell transplantation prevents lesion expansion, focal and remote axonal degeneration in rats with traumatic brain injury
S. Gajavelli*1, R. Bullock3, Z. Hu1,2, D. Shear3, T. Hazel4 et al
1University of Miami, USA, 2Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hospital, China, 3Walter Reed Army Institute of Research, USA, 4Neuralstem Inc, USA
Wharton’s jelly-derived mesenchymal stem cells attenuated sepsis-associated heart injury and modulate systemic inflammation through cholinergic anti-inflammatory pathway
J.M. Capcha*, C. Rodrigues, R. Moreira, F.D. Santos, M. Garnica, I.L. Noronha, M. Irigoyen, P. Dourado, L. Andrade, S.A. Gomes et al
Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil