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Biomedical and Bioseparations
Thursday, August 3rd 2017, 15:40-17:20
Grand Ballroom A
Chair: Andrew Zydney & David Grzenia
15:40-16:05   [O1.53]
Smartphone enabled carbon nanotube membranes for enhanced nicotine addiction treatment
G. Gulati, L. Berger, B. Goodall, B.J. Hinds*
University of Washington, USA
16:05-16:30   [O1.54]
Membrane-based, simple filtration device for rapid separation of biological particles from complex matrices
M. Liou1, J. Lee2, P. Naraghi-Arani3, J. Pena1, S. Kim*2
1University of Illinois, USA, 2Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA, 3InSiliXa, Inc., USA
16:30-16:55   [O1.55]
The architecture of responsive polymeric ligands on protein binding and recovery
X. Qian*, Z. Liu, S.R. Wickramasinghe
University of Arkansas, USA
16:55-17:20   [O1.56]
Novel reverse electrodialysis biofuel cell
C. Smith, B. Rodgers, J.A. Hestekin, C.N. Hestekin*
University of Arkansas, USA