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Osmotic Membrane Processes
Thursday, August 3rd 2017, 10:40-12:20
Grand Ballroom A
Chair: Tzahi Cath & Zhang Sui
10:40-11:05   [O6.45]
Optimizing hollow fiber membranes and modules for osmotic processes: From membranes to modules to models
J. Ren*, J.R. McCutcheon
University of Connecticut, USA
11:05-11:30   [O6.46]
Tuning polymer dopes to boost the performance of outer-selective thin-film composite (TFC) hollow fiber membranes for osmotic power generation
Z.L. Cheng*1, X. Li2, Y. Feng1, C.F. Wan1, T.S. Chung1
1National University of Singapore, Singapore, 2Wuhan University, China
11:30-11:55   [O6.47]
Optimizing operating parameters for minimum net energy consumption in a pilot-scale SWRO-PRO system
G. O'Toole*, A. Achilli
Humboldt State University, USA
11:55-12:20   [O6.48]
A pilot-scale module performance comparison in pressure-retarded osmosis
M. Yasukawa*, R. Horie, M. Shibuya, M. Higa
Yamaguchi University, Japan