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Sustainable Membranes and Processes 1
Thursday, August 3rd 2017, 08:30-10:10
Franciscan C&D
Chair: Raj Singh & Mahdi Malmali
08:30-08:55   [O7.41]
Using polytetrafluoroethylene hollow fibers in a gas-liquid membrane contactor for CO2/CH4 separation
J. Ghobadi*1, T. Lua1, D. Ramirez1, R. Jerman2, M. Crane2
1Texas A&M University-Kingsville, USA, 2Eclipse Membranes, USA
08:55-09:20   [O7.42]
Recoveries and treatment performance of volatile, semi-volatile, and non-volatile organic contaminants by direct contact membrane distillation
D. Won*1, E.P. Kolodziej1,3, K. Salls2, S.R. Hiibel2, A.D. Gipe3, A. Childress4
1University of Washington, USA, 2University of Nevada, USA, 3Center for Urban Waters, USA, 4University of Southern California, USA
09:20-09:45   [O7.43]
Power generation in a reverse electrodialysis system using SWRO brine and sewage-treated water
M. Higa*, T. Sakurada, M. Kuno, M. Yasukawa
Yamaguchi University, Japan
09:45-10:10   [O7.44]
Effect of flow rate, bulk temperature, and channel depth on flux in nanophotonics-enhanced solar membrane distillation
S.S. Pedersen*, A.A. Alabastri, P.D. Dongare, Q. Li
Rice University, USA