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Gas Separation 3
Wednesday, August 2nd 2017, 08:30-10:10
Grand Ballroom B
Chair: Kang Li & Benny D Freeman
08:30-08:55   [O3.33]
Ortho-Hydroxyl-functionalized Tröger's base derived diamine as an efficient building block for gas separation membranes
X. Ma*, A. Shkurenko, M. Eddaoudi, I. Pinnau
KAUST, Saudi Arabia
08:55-09:20   [O3.34]
Engineering the microporosity in Polybenzoxazole (PBO)-based gas separation membranes
S. Luo, A. Kushwaha, R. Guo*
University of Notre Dame, USA
09:20-09:45   [O3.35]
Water sorption, dilation, and transport in polybenzimidazoles for gas separations
J. Moon*1, M. Galizia1, H. Borjigin2, R. Liu2, J. Riffle2, B. Freeman1, D. Paul1
1The University of Texas at Austin, USA, 2Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, USA
09:45-10:10   [O3.36]
Ionic liquids compatibility study in cross-linked polyether ion gel membranes
V.A. Kusuma*1,2, M.K. Macala1,2, J. Liu1, A.M. Marti1, D.P. Hopkinson1
1US Dept of Energy - National Energy Technology Laboratory, USA, 2AECOM, USA