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Inorganic Membranes 1
Monday, July 31st 2017, 11:10-12:50
Continental 7-9
Chair: Henk Verweij & Jerry Lin
11:10-11:35   [O5.05]
Design and operation of a proof-of-concept module with 25 tubular oxygen transport membranes
R. Kiebach*1, K. Agersted1, P.V. Hendriksen1, M. Søgaard1, R. Kriegel2, L. Kiesel2, U. Pippardt2
1Technical University of Denmark, Denmark, 2Fraunhofer Institute for Ceramic Technologies and Systems IKTS, Germany
11:35-12:00   [O5.06]
One-step thermal processing of perovskite hollow fibers with precisely controlled cation stoichiometry
J.W. Zhu, G.R. Zhang*, Z.K. Liu, W.Q. Jin
Nanjing Tech University, China
12:00-12:25   [O5.07]
First fluoride-free synthesis of CHA-type aluminophosphate crystals and membranes
M. Seshimo*, H. Fukuda, M. Matsukata
Waseda University, Japan
12:25-12:50   [O5.08]
Catalytic coatings for stable group V metallic hydrogen permeable membranes at high temperatuers
T.F. Fuerst*, S.T.B. Lundin, J.D. Way, C.A. Wolden
Colorado School of Mines, USA