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Desalination and Drinking Water 1
Monday, July 31st 2017, 11:10-12:50
Imperial A
Chair: Stephen Gray & Jack Gilron
11:10-11:35   [O2.05]
Development and characterization of novel CNC-based TFN membranes
F. Asempour1, T. Matsuura1, D. Emadzadeh2, B. Kruczek*1
1University of Ottawa, Canada, 2Islamic Azad University, Canada
11:35-12:00   [O2.06]
Desalination of brackish groundwater using high flux layer by layer assembly membranes: Process performance and membrane fouling mechanisms
M.M. Motsa*1, B.B. Mamba1, A.R.D. Verliefde2
1University of South Africa, South Africa, 2Ghent University, Belgium
12:00-12:25   [O2.07]
Novel charge mosaic membranes and operational modes
G. Vaseghi*, G. Lipscomb
University of Toledo, USA
12:25-12:50   [O2.08]
Pervaporation desalination performance of composite PVA/PVDF membrane with nanoscale fillers incorporated in the PVA matrix for brine treatment: Long-term stability, productivity, and fouling performance
L. Li*1, J. Hou1, Y. Ye1, J. Mansouri1,2, W. Liang3, D. D’Alessandroa3, V. Chen1
1University of New South Wales, Australia, 2Cooperative Research Centre for Polymers, Australia, 3The University of Sydney, Australia