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Session 6 –Biological Materials II
Tuesday, 8 December 2015, 10:00-12:45
Naupaka I, II, III & IV
Chair: Po Yu Chen
10:00-10:15   [O.034]
On the tear resistance of skin
W. Yang*1,2, V. Sherman1, B. Gludovatz3, E. Schaible3, P. Stewart3, R.O. Ritchie3, M.A. Meyers3
1University of California, USA, 2Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland, 3Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
10.15-10:30   [O.035]
Mechanical reinforcement of proteins with polymer conjugation
S. Keten*, E. DeBenedictis, E. Hamed
Northwestern University, USA
10.30-10:45   [O.036]
Changes in whole lens viscoelasticity due to age, refilling and capsular opacification
P.K. Sharma*, L.M. Nibourg, S.A. Koopmans, T.G. van Kooten
University of Groningen and University Medical Center Groningen, The Netherlands
10.45-11:00   [O.037]
Changes of mechanical properties of the human cornea following UVA crosslinking
J. Nohava*1, M. Swain2,3, P. Eberwein3
1Anton Paar, Switzerland, 2Kuwait University, Kuwait, 3University of Freiburg, Germany
11.00-11:15   [O.038]
In situ longitudinal pre-stretch in the human femoropopliteal artery
A. Kamenskiy*, A. Seas, A. Desyatova, P. Deegan, G. Bowen, J. MacTaggart
University of Nebraska Medical Center, USA
11.15-11:30   [O.039]
An experimental and computational study of biomechanical properties of the corneal tissue
H. Hatami-Marbini
University of Illinois, USA
11.30-11:45   [O.040]
Changes in insertion resistance of skin tissues induced by mechanophysical stimuli
S. Park*, J. Kim, K. Nam, S-H. Yoon
Inha University, Republic of Korea
11.45-12:00   [O.041]
Notch fatigue in UHMWPE: A linear elastic fracture mechanics approach and implications for total joint replacement design
F. Ansari*1, B. Gludovatz2, R.O. Ritchie1,2, L.A. Pruitt1
1University of California, USA, 2Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories, USA
12.00-12:15   [O.042]
How cuticle growth affects the mechanical properties and failure mode of an insect's tibia
E. Parle*, C. Dooley, D. Taylor
Trinity College Dublin, Ireland
12.15-12:30   [O.043]
Mechanical properties of silkworm silk
Y. Cheng*, Y.W. Zhang
Institute of High Performance Computing, Singapore
12.30-12:45   [O.044]
The source of stiffening in glucose exposed elastin investigated by macroscopic stress-strain studies, 13C and 2H NMR experiments, and MD simulations
M. Silverstein1, K. Bilici1, S.W. Morgan1, Y. Wang2, Y. Zhang2, G.S. Boutis*1
1The City University of New York, USA, 2Boston University, USA