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Session 1 – Articulated Structures and Dermal Armour
Sunday, 6 December 2015, 18:00-19:15
Naupaka I, II, III & IV
Chair: F. Barthelat
18:00-18:15   [O.001]
3D structural characterization of alligator gar scales using dual-beam nanotomography
P.G. Allison*1,2, R. Martens1, O.G. Rodriguez1, M.Q. Chandler2
1University of Alabama, USA, 2US Army ERDC, USA
18:15-18:30   [O.002]
Articulating rings: How shape governs the function of seahorse tails
M.M. Porter*1, D. Adriaens2, R.L. Hatton3, M.A. Meyers4, J. McKittrick4
1Clemson University, USA, 2Ghent University, Belgium, 3Oregon State University, USA, 4University of California, USA
18:30-18:45   [O.003]
Morphometrically-tuned bending stiffness in flexible, fish scale-inspired composites
S. Varshney*1, K. Zolotovsky1, M. Boyce1,2, C. Ortiz1
1Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, 2Columbia University, USA
18:45-19:00   [O.004]
Failure issues in body armors
F.G. Torres
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú, Peru
19:00-19:15   [O.005]
A comparative study of piscine defense: The scales of Atractosteus spatula, Arapaima gigas, and Latimeria chalumnae
V.R. Sherman*1, H. Quan1, W. Yang2, R.O. Ritchie3, M.A. Meyers1
1University of California, USA, 2ETH Zurich, Switzerland, 3Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA