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Session 14 - Nanomechanics and Self-assembly II
Conference Day 4, 10:40 – 12:00
Tramuntana 1 & 2
Rigidity patterned biocompatible polyelectrolyte multilayers: Tool to control cell behaviors
N. Saha*1,2, C. Monge2, T. Boudou2, V. Dulong3, K. Glinel1, C. Picart2
1UC Louvain, Belgium, 2INP Grenoble, France, 3Univ. Rouen, France
From lipid membranes to synthetic cells
D. Brüggemann*1,2, C. Eberhard1,2, J. Frohnmayer1,2, C. Mollenhauer1,2, J.P. Spatz1,2
1Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, Germany, 2University of Heidelberg, Germany
Therapeutic efficiency of folated poly(ethylene glycol)-chitosan-graft-polyethylenimine-Pdcd4 complexes in H-ras12V mice with liver cancer
Y.C. Park*1, M.H. Cho1
1CRI, Republic of Korea, 2Seoul National University, Republic of Korea
Bottom-up assembly of complex and hierarchical ceramic structures
E. Garcia-Tunon Blanca*, S. Barg, R. Bell, J.V.M. Weaver, E. Saiz
Imperial College London, UK