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Session 12 – Nanomechanics and Self-assembly
Conference Day 4, 08:40 – 10:00
Tramuntana 1 & 2
Dissecting the origins of the nonlinear mechanics of fibrin clots
N.A. Kurniawan*, G.H. Koenderink
FOM Institute AMOLF, The Netherlands
Tug-of-war: Mechanical coordination of biomolecular motors
S. Klumpp*, R. Marathe, M.I.J. Müller, R. Lipowsky
Max Planck Institute of Colloids and Interfaces, Germany
Localised structural and mechanical remodelling at multiple length scales in the diabetic aorta
R. Akhtar*1, J.K. Cruickshank2, X. Zhao3, H.K. Graham3, L. Walton3, N. Gardiner3, B. Derby3, M.J. Sherratt3
1University of Liverpool, UK, 2King's College London, UK, 3University of Manchester, UK
Biological Nanomechanical Measurements With the Atomic Force Microscope
N.A. Geisse
Asylum Research, and Oxford Instruments companhy, USA