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Poster Session 2.5 - Sensory and instrumental relationships
Wednesday 14 August, 16:00-18:00
Exhibition Area – Second Floor
Correlation among CIE Lab color values and sensory color fading attributes in highly extended cook-in ham slice
J.C. Andrade*1, S.E. Yotsuyanagi2, M.M.H. Haguiwara1, A.L.S.C. Lemos1
1Institute of Food Technology, Brazil, 2Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
Relating sensory and instrumental data to evaluate losses of key aroma volatiles during cashew-apple (Anacardium Occidentale L.) juice concentration
A.C.T. Biasoto*1,2, K.L. Sampaio1, E.J.N. Marques3, M.A.A.P. Da Silva1
1University of Campinas, Brazil, 2Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation - EMBRAPA, Brazil, 3University of Campinas, Brazil
Quantification of the bitterness level of olive oils with an electronic tongue
M. Bonnefille, M.L. Vicenty, J.C. Mifsud, H. Lechat, F. Ayouni, V. Vabre, T. Carpanedo*
Alpha MOS, France
Sensory quality classification of "sopaipillas" by means of computer vision
A. Bunger*, F. Pedreschi, S. Mariotti, A. Ahumada, D. Mery, I. Lillo
Universidad de Chile, Chile
Glass bottle colour and artificial light storage: Changes in the sensorial properties of a Sauvignon Blanc wine
A. Cáceres-Mella, M. Medel*, D. Flores, A. Peña-Neira
Department of Agro-Industry and Enology, Faculty of Agronomical Sciences, University of Chile, Chile
Paint it yellow: The influence of the thickness of oral coatings on dynamic sensory perception
S. Camacho*1,2, V. van Riel2, M. Stieger1,2
1TI Food and Nutrition, The Netherlands, 2Wageningen University, The Netherlands
The Influence of tannin- anthocyanins interaction in the tannin-protein interaction and the effect in the perception of astringency in the red wines
P. Carrasco, M. Medel*, R. Lopez-Solis, E. Obreque-Slier, A. Peña-Neira
University of Chile, Chile
Application of artificial neural networks (ANN's) in food sensory analysis
N.B. Carvalho*1, V.P.R. Minim1, S.M. Della Lucia2, L.A. Minim1
1Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Brazil, 2Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo, Brazil
Chemometric study of fragrance skin release as function of the menstrual cycle
C.S. Cortez-Pereira*1,2, M.H. Van Kampen2, M.T. Scotti3, A.R. Baby2, P.R.H. Moreno2, M.V.R. Velasco2
1Biofortis Sensory & Consumer, Brazil, 2Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil, 3Universidade da Paraíba, Brazil
Quality Index Method (QIM) for pacu (Piaractus mesopotamicus), tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum) and tambacu fish: Shelf life prediction and relevant sensory attributes
A. Borges1, A. Cruz*2, M. Freitas1
1UFF, Brazil, 2IFRJ, Brazil
Influence of food hardness in gels on mastication and palatal reduction related muscle activity
J.A.M. Derks*1,2, R.A. de Wijk1,2, J.H.F. Bult1,3, M. Stieger1,2
1TI Food and Nutrition, The Netherlands, 2Wageningen University and research, The Netherlands, 3NIZO Food research, The Netherlands
First bite properties influence subsequent dynamic texture perception of food gels: A comparison between QDA and TDS
M. Devezeaux de Lavergne*1,2, M. van Delft1, M. Stieger1,2
1TI Food and Nutrition, The Netherlands, 2Wageningen University, The Netherlands
Evaluation of the intensity of perfume : In vivo hair and in vitro hair conducted by trained judges
K. Esteban*, M. Veramendi, M.A. Lara, P. Herencia et al
Predicting apple sensory properties by instrumental measurements:odour, flavour, texture and colour
E. Aprea, I. Endrizzi, M.L. Corollaro, F. Biasioli, F. Gasperi*
Fondazione Edmund Mach (FEM), Italy
Characterization of the key aroma compounds in bartlett (Williams Christ) pear brandy using the molecular sensory science concept
M. Granvogl*, B. Willner, P. Schieberle
Technical University of Munich-German, Germany
Effects of physico-chemical properties of date fruits on its sensory texture and its relationship with instrumental texture profile analysis (TPA)
V. Singh, N. Guizani*, A. Al-Alawi, Q. Al-Shamsi, M.S. Rahman
Sultan Qaboos University, Oman
Objective quality, intensity and hedonic dimensions prediction using sensory analysis and physiological measurements
G. Haese*1, P. Humeau1, F. De Oliveira1, P. Le Callet2, P. Le Cloirec3
1CSTB, AQUASIM, France, 2IRCCyN lab. Polytech’Nantes, France, 3Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Chimie de Rennes, CNRS, UMR 6226, France
The effect of culinary preparations on sensory quality and chemical composition of celeriac
U. Kidmose*, T. Kjaer, S. Jensen
Aarhus University, Denmark
PLS PM (SEM) application to modelize consumer terms with sensory and instrumental evaluation
S. Kirchhoff*1, A. Bellay1, Y. Idelcaid1, M. Tenenhaus2, G. Wentzo1
1L'Oréal, France, 2Consultant, France
Flavor, aroma, and acceptance of dry dog food
K. Koppel
Kansas State University, USA
Particle size, rheology and tribology: new ways to describe textural creaminess in whey protein enriched yogurt systems
A. Krzeminski*, S. Schlage, J. Weiss, J. Hinrichs
Universitaet Hohenheim, Germany
Comparing aroma profiles of different forms of basil using GC-Olfactometry and descriptive sensory analysis
K. Kajava1, K. Vene1, R. Kuldjärv*1
1Tallinn University of Technology, Estonia, 2Competence Center of Food and Fermentation Technologies, Estonia
Introduction of texture to infants: Sensory and physical characteristics of complementary foods with lumps
H. Weenen1, A.J. Van der Stelt1, C. Bouvier2, E. Diament2, J.B. Lawlor*1
1Danone Research, The Netherlands, 2Blédina, France
The impact of milk addition on sensory properties and the antioxidant potential of coffee
D. Majchrzak*, M. Horvath, M. Woda
University of Vienna, Austria
Influence of arabic gum and carboxymethylcellulose  in the tannin-protein interaction and its eventual effect in the astringency
C. Muñoz, R. Lopez-Solis, M. Medel*, E. Obreque-Slier, A. Peña-Neira
University of Chile, Chile
Relationships between sensory profiles and instrumental measurements in raw fruit to predict quality of final product
S.M. Olarte1, C. Collins1, P.G. Iland2, C.M. Kidman1, C. Jordans1, R. Ristic1, P.K. Boss3, S.E.P. Bastian*1
1University of Adelaide, Australia, 2Patrick Iland Wine Promotions Pty Ltd, Australia, 3CSIRO Plant Industry, Australia
Correlating sensory and instrumental texture of preserved hearts of palm
R.C.S.C. Ormenese*, S.A.G. Berbari, M.G. Reis
Food Technology Institute, Brazil
Impact of volatile odorants and high molecular weight compounds on the caramel aroma perception
L. Paravisini*1,4, C. Septier1,2, C. Moretton4, H. Nigay4, G. Arvisenet1,5, E. Guichard1,2, C. Dacremont1,5
1CNRS, UMR6265 CSGA, France, 2INRA, UMR1324 CSGA, France, 3Université de Bourgogne, UMR CSGA, France, 4Nigay SA, France, 5AgroSup Dijon, France
Sensory quality of biscuits with different level of trans fatty acids present on the Polish market
A. Rudzinska*2, M. Rudzinska1
1Poznan University of Life Sciences, Poland, 21349 IB School, Poland
Optimized descriptive profile: Correlation between sensory and instrumental techniques
R.C.S.N. Silva*, V.P.R. Minim, R.K.A. Oliveira, P.H.P. Souza, A.A. Simiqueli, L.E.S. Moraes, L.A. Minim
Universidade Federal de Viçosa, Brazil
A novel approach to characterizing flavours and tastes of whole grain crackers
A. Sisopha*, S. Dhillon, K. Seetharaman, L. Duizer
University of Guelph, Canada
Sensory and instrumental texture measurements of ice cream with different fat and protein concentrate levels containing dietary fiber
V.M. Silva, V.P.R. Minim, M.C.T.R. Vidigal*, P.C. Parizzi, R.K.A. Oliveira, P.H.P. Souza, L.A. Minim
Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil
From grape to consumer: A multidisciplinary approach to optimal grape ripeness and wine flavour
P.O. Williamson*, H. Holt, K. Bindon, C. Varela, I.L. Francis
The Australian Wine Research Institute, Australia
Influence of oral processing on texture perception
S.V. Willinsky*1, K.D. Foster2, M.P. Morgenstern3, D. Hedderley3, L.M. Duizer1
1University of Guelph, Canada, 2Massey Univeristy, New Zealand, 3Plant and Food Research, New Zealand
Why is robustness assessment mandatory for predictive modeling? Benchmark test of PLS and xtractis® approaches based on a study of sensory evaluation and consumer liking of automotive materials.
Z. Zalila*1,2, G. Gueydan1, J. Cuquemelle1, B. Lorentz1
1Intellitech, France, 2University of Technology of Compiegne, France