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Poster Session 2.4 - Sensometrics
Wednesday 14 August, 16:00-18:00
Exhibition Area – Second Floor
Parametric models for tournament designs in choice experiments: A case study with milk caramel spread
I.S. Amorim*1, D.M. Pires1, V.R. Souza1, V. Vietoris2, J.S.S. Bueno Filho1, A.C.M. Pinheiro1
1Federal University of Lavras, Brazil, 2Slovak University of Agriculture, Slovakia
Selection of judges for sensory analysis using item response theory: An initial approach
A. Anjos*1, D.F. Andrade1,2, E. Teixeira1,2, R.D.M.C. Amboni1,2, A.B. Nascimento1,2
1UFPR, Brazil, 2UFSC, Brazil
Artificial neural networks as a tool for approach nonlinear relations between sensory attributes and consumer preference data: Radial-basis function method
E. Bona*1, S.D. Dutcosky2, R.S.F. Silva2
1Universidade Tecnologica Federal do Parana, Brazil, 2About Solution Ltd., Brazil
External preference mapping of mango nectar
R.S. Cadena*, R.R. Netto, A.G. Cruz, W.F. Freitas, J.A.F. Faria, H.M.A. Bolini
University of Campinas, Brazil
Panel tracking via thurstonian modeling
J.C. Castura*1, J.M. Ennis2, R.H.B. Christensen3
1Compusense Inc., Canada, 2The Institute for Perception, USA, 3Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
A preliminary review of multiple group principal component analysis for descriptive sensory data
M. Li1, R.P. Browne1, P.D. McNicholas1, J.C. Castura*2
1University of Guelph, Canada, 2Compusense Inc., Canada
Underdetermination in arincipal component analysis
B. Dettmar*, M. Plattner
JT-International GmbH, Germany
Comparison of three statistical analyses for CATA data
G.H.P. Marton, R.C.S.C. Ormenese, K.M.V.A.B. Cipolli, X.F. Ferreira, A.O. Garcia*
Institute of Food Technology, Brazil
Freely available software for descriptive analysis data acquisition
G. Rodríguez1, F. Bareilles2, G. Hough*1
1ISETA- 9 de Julio, Argentina, 2Instituto Argentino de Radioastronomía -CONICET, Argentina
Regional characteristics of Malbec wines from Argentina and the US
E.S. King*, M. Stoumen, F. Buscema, A. Hjelmeland, S.E. Ebeler, H. Heymann, R.B. Boulton
University of California, Davis, USA
lmerTest: The R-package for making mixed modeling easy to use.
A. Kuznetsova*, R.H.B. Christensen, P.B. Brockhoff
Danish Technical University, DTU, Denmark
The relation between specific and overall liking scores
E. Menichelli*1,2, H. Kraggerud3, N.V. Olsen1, T. Næs1,4
1Nofima AS, Norway, 2The Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway, 3TINE, Norway, 4University of Copenhagen, Denmark
There is no need for replicates in descriptive sensory studies once the panel is well trained
N. Pineau*1, M. Moser1, V. Graham2, R. Arslanian2, L. Fillion1, A. Rytz1
1Nestlé Research Centre, Switzerland, 2Cereal Partner Worldwide, Switzerland
Relating sensory acceptance to descriptive attributes by three-way external preference mapping obtained by parallel factor analysis (PARAFAC)
C.A. Nunes, S.C. Bastos, V.R. Souza, A.C.M. Pinheiro*
Universidade Federal de Lavras, Brazil
Performance evaluation of sensory assessors using concepts of functional analysis
F.S.T. Pinto*1,2, A.H. Pedott1, F.S. Fogliatto1, E.M. Qannari1
1Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, 2Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, 3École Nationale Vétérinaire, Agroalimentaire et de l´Alimentation, France
Visualizing temporal sensory data using animated scatterplots, boxplots, and bagplots
A. Leonard, M. Plater Findlay*, J.C. Castura
Compusense Inc., Canada
Shelf-life estimation of low fat UHT milk 
M. Richards*, E.M. Buys, H.L. De Kock
University of Pretoria, South Africa
The effect of dimensionality on multivariate mapping of hedonic data
F. Rossi*1, J. Ennis2, B. Rousseau2, T. Worch3
1Kraft Foods Group, USA, 2The Institute for Perception, USA, 3Qi Statistics, UK
A comparison of methods in modelling consumer acceptability on product sensory attributes
D.T. Buck*1, K. Greenhoff1, K. Mahoney2
1product perceptions, UK, 2Diagnostic decisions, UK