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Poster Session 2.2 - Fundamentals of sensory research
Wednesday 14 August, 16:00-18:00
Exhibition Area – Second Floor
Comparing methods of identify the appropriate sugar and pulp levels for fruit juice formulation: A consumer-driven approach
A.M. Barros-Marcellini*1, E.A.S. Ferreira2, R. Deliza3, P.S. Marcellini4, C.T.G.B. Mattos3, A. Rosenthal3
1Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2Federal Rural University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 33Embrapa Food Technology, Brazil, 4Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
A lontigudinal comparison of two salt reduction strategies and acceptability of a low sodium food
N. Bobowski*, Z. Vickers
University of Minnesota, USA
Sorting and mapping of sampled chemesthetic agents in naïve assessors
N.K. Byrnes*1, M.A. Nestrud2, J.E. Hayes1
1Penn State, USA, 2in4mation insights LLC, USA
The extentional properties of saliva
G.H. Carpenter
King's College London, UK
Eugenol and carvacrol induce a temporally desensitizing pattern of oral irrntation and enhance warmth and heat pain sensitivity on the tongue
A.H. Klein, M. Iodi Carstens, E. Carstesns*
Univ. of California, Davis, USA
Evidences of cognitive impact by odor recognition training: inter-modality by learning wine aromas
G. Casaubon*1,3, D. Carré2,3, M.I. Espinoza1,3, J. Chianale2,3, E. Agosín1,3, C. Cornejo2,3
1Centro de Aromas y Sabores DICTUC, Chile, 2Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Chile, 3ASIS-UC Interdisciplinary Research Program on Tasty and Healthy Foods, Chile
Sensory characteristics of the Bugak (Korean traditional fried dishes)
J.E. Yang1, J.H. Lee1, E. Choi2, Y.O. Song3, L. Chung*1
1Kyung Hee University, Republic of Korea, 2Inha University, Republic of Korea, 3Busan National University, Republic of Korea
Quantitative descriptive analysis of roasted garlic’s (Allium sativum L.) odor and flavor: selection of descriptors
E.B. Coste*1, A.B. Picallo1, M.M. Sance2, A.M. Pereyra1, L. Altendorf3, M.M. Bauzá2
1University of Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2National University of Cuyo, Argentina, 3National University of Comafi, Argentina
Power and precision in the Tetrad and degree of difference tests
J.M. Ennis*, B. Rousseau
The Institute for Perception, USA
Utilizing CATA to glocalize ethnic style beef marinades
J-E. Go*1, M-J. Gwak1, S-J. Chung1, K-O. Kim1
1Ewha Womans University, Republic of Korea, 2University of California at Davis, USA
Sensory descriptive profile of beef striploin (M. longissimus dorsi) submitted to two cooking methods with three endpoint temperatures
C.L. Gomes*, S.B. Pflanzer, H.M.A. Bolini
Faculty of Food Engineering, Brazil
Effect of cooking method and endpoint temperatures acceptance of samples of of beef striploin (M. longissimus dorsi)
C.L. Gomes*, S.B. Pflanzer, H.M.A. Bolini
Faculty of Food Engineering, Brazil
Co-operation between TAS2R38 and gustin influences the bitterness perception of sweeteners
A. Knight, B. Lake, M. Scott, H. Parikh, A. Goupil de Bouille*, C. Beeren
Leatherhead Food Research, UK
Perceived bitterness of non-nutritive sweeteners: covariation across sweeteners and relationships with TAS2R receptor gene polymorphisms
J.E. Hayes*, A.L. Allen
Penn State, USA
Taste sensitivity - what has Gustin got to do with it?
L. Hewson*1, Q. Yang1, T. Hollowood2, J. Hort1
1University of Nottingham, UK, 2Sensory Dimensions, UK
To sip or spit - that is the question..........the impact of consumption protocol on perception
L. Hewson, D. Taylor, J. Hort*
Univeristy of Nottingham, UK
Role of salivary α-amylase in carbohydrate sensing
T.J. Lapis*, M.H. Penner, J. Lim
Oregon State University, USA
Correlation between sensorial and chemical characterization of tropical wines
L. Lima*1, G. Pereira2, S. Andrade3, K. Silveira3, T. Lima4, N. Guerra3
1Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco, Brazil, 2Embrapa Uva Vinho/Semiárido, Brazil, 3Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil, 4Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco, Brazil
Impact of short sensory education on odour and taste perception of school children in Austria
D. Majchrzak*, M. Altmann
University of Vienna, Austria
Overall liking and overall preference/ranking disparity trends
A. Mentavlos*, B.S. Zaff, C.M. Corbett
CSSdatatelligence, USA
Perception of heat intensity affected by capsaicin in different model food matrices
D.J. Schneider1, I. Seuß-Baum1, E. Schlich2, R. Nachtsheim*2
1University of Applied Sciences Fulda, Germany, 2Justus-Liebig-University Giessen, Germany
Sensory meat quality of MEJ (young bulls) from the Northwest region of Argentina: The new category of meat
A.B. Picallo*, A.M. Pereyra, E.B. Coste, P.V. Gambetti, F.M.B. Rozen, L.R. Basso, M.E. Cossu
Buenos Aires University, Argentina
Sensory acceptance and physicochemical parameters of frankfurter sausage with pea fiber addition
Y.J. Polizer*1, M.H. Hirano1, B.Z. Santa Barbara1, D. Pompeu2, M.A. Trindade1
1FZEA - Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil, 2Labonathus Biotecnologia Internacional Ltda., Brazil
Sensory acceptance and physicochemical parameters of chopped ham with pea fiber addition
Y.J. Polizer*1, M.H. Hirano1, B.Z. Santa Barbara1, D. Pompeu2, M.A. Trindade1
1FZEA - Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil, 2Labonathus Biotecnologia Internacional Ltda., Brazil
Principal components performed between sensory profile and fatty acids of goat cheese
E.J.L. Medeiros1, A.S.M. Batista2, R.C.R.E. Queiroga*1, M.S. Madruga1
1Federal University of Paraiba, Brazil, 2State University of Vale Acarau, Brazil
Sweeteners in passion-fruit juice: Ideal and equivalence-sweetness
I.F.O. Rocha*, H.M.A. Bolini
Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil
Chocolate with different levels of cocoa solids: Sensorial characterization and acceptability
A.A. Simiqueli*, V.P.R. Minim, A.I. Gomide, R.C.S.N. Silva, L.A. Minim
Federal University of Viçosa, Brazil
Oil-in-water emulsion exhibits bitterness-suppressing effects
D.D. Torrico*, W. Prinyawiwatkul
Louisiana State University Agricultural Center, USA
Improving panelist satisfaction/retention using metrics from industrial/organizational psychology
K.M. Van Haren*, L. Kelly Smalls, A.T. Burngasser
Procter & Gamble, USA
Thermal taster status and oral sensitivity
Q. Yang*1, T. Hollowood2, J. Hort1
1The University of Nottingham, UK, 2Sensory Dimensions Ltd, UK