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Poster Session 1.6 - Cross-modal interactions
Monday 12 August, 16:00-18:00
Exhibition Area – Second Floor
The effect of ester flavor on the perception of beer
J. Fuchimoto*1,2, T. Onuma2, S. Araki1, T. Shigyo1, N. Sakai2
1Sapporo Breweries LTD, Japan, 2Tohoku University, Japan
Crossmodal correspondence between touch and sound stimuli and its relation to a cosmetic product preference
X. García*, I. Medina
Fundación Universitaria Konrad Lorenz, Colombia
Don't be bitter: Optimising bitterness reduction through blocker, sweetener and odourant combinations
N.J. Gaudette*, G.J. Pickering
Government of Alberta, Canada
Crossmodal correspondence between color and odor of a fragrance, relationship with the choice of the fragrance
P. Herencia*2, J. Rincon1
1Centro De Investigacion De Psicologia De La Fundacion Universitaria Konrad Lorenz, Colombia, 2Belcorp, Colombia
Effects of soy sauce aroma on taste perception
M. Imamura
Kikkoman Co., Ltd., Japan
Colour-aroma-taste interactions - a descriptive analysis approach on trinary cross-modal interactions
S. Jensen*, L. Mielby, A. Thybo, U. Kidmose
Aarhus University, Denmark
Umami : Suppressed by all other tastes but itself an enhancer of salty and sweet perception
C. Suwankanit, M. Dermiki, O.B. Kennedy, L. Methven*
University of Reading, UK
Do colour and aroma really matter when it comes to the perception of tonic water beverages? -Differences in crossmodal interaction results from a descriptive panel and consumers
L.H. Mielby*, S. Jensen, A.K. Thybo, U. Kidmose
Aarhus University, Denmark
Children's preference and ability to identify flavor: "The flavor of my smoothie, its color, or the color of its packaging?"
B. Piqueras-Fiszman*1,2, P. García Segovia1, R. Deliza3
1Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain, 2University of Oxford, UK, 3Embrapa Food Technology, Brazil
Assessing the influence of the color of the plate on the perception of a complex food in a restaurant setting
B. Piqueras-Fiszman*1,2, A. Giboreau3, C. Spence2
1Universitat Politecnica de Valencia, Spain, 2University of Oxford, UK, 3Institut Paul Bocuse, France
Influence of music genres on consumer’s perception of a functional and dietetic food
D.W. Silva*1, H.M.A. Bolini1
1University of Campinas, Brazil, 2University of Campinas, Brazil
Human interface technology - A multi-sensorial challenge
B. Carlsson1, D. Glebe1, K. Wendin*1,2
1SP Technical Research Institute of Sweden, Sweden, 2Kristianstad University, Sweden, 3Copenhagen Univeristy, Denmark
Does warmth have a smell? The influence of ambient odour on perceived physical and social warmth
G.B. Dijksterhuis1,2, M.A.M. Smeets1,3, N. Brugman1,3, E. Zandstra*1
1Unilever R&D, The Netherlands, 2University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 3University of Utrecht, The Netherlands
Smelly and dirty: Valence, not semantics, of odours prompt cleaning behaviour
G.B. Dijksterhuis1,2, E. Zandstra*1, R. De Wijk3, M.A.M. Smeets1,4
1Unilever R&D, The Netherlands, 2University of Copenhagen, Denmark, 3Wageningen University and Research Centre, The Netherlands, 4University of Utrecht, The Netherlands