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Poster Session 1.4 - Age-related sensory perception and behaviour
Monday 12 August, 16:00-18:00
Exhibition Area – Second Floor
Age-related changes in consumers' ability to detect the boar smell compounds androstenon and skatole
M.D. Aaslyng*1, E.H.L. Broge1, R.H. Christensen2, P.B. Brockhoff2
1DMRI, Danish Technological Institute, Denmark, 2Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
Chocolate milk using sucrose and stevia preference by middle age school children
P. Bordi, M. Verruma-Bernardi*, K. Lee
Penn State University, USA
Food behaviour and health patterns in the French elderly population
I. Maitre*1, V. Van Wymelbeke2, C. Sulmont-Rossé3, V. Cariou5, N. Bailly4, J.M. Ferrandi5, A. Salle6, E. Vigneau5
1Groupe ESA, France, 2CHU Dijon, France, 3INRA, France, 4University François Rabelais, France, 5ONIRIS, France, 6CHU Angers, France
Food selectivity and pickiness in adulthood: An age and gender-related behaviour?
I. Maître*1, R. Symoneaux1, V. Van Wymelbeke2, S. Issanchou3, F. Jourjon1, C. Sulmont-Rossé3
1Groupe ESA, France, 2CHU Dijon, France, 3INRA, France
Odour and taste identification abilities of Austrian elderly
D. Majchrzak*, D. Neller
University of Vienna, Austria
Sensory evaluation of apples: Acceptability differences among age groups
G.H.P. Marton*, K.M.V.A.B. Cipolli, R.C.S.C. Ormenese, A.O. Garcia
ITAL - Food Technology Institute, Brazil
Low-income teenagers attitudes about general health interest and fruit and vegetables as functional foods: A pilot study among Brazilians
A.B.T.M. Maia, C.T. Pereira, I. Motta, L.I.O. Lima, A.A. Cordeiro, E.M.S. Menezes*
UFRJ - Macae campus, Brazil
A new rapid detection threshold method for use with older adults: Reducing fatigue whilst maintaining accuracy
V. Allen, L. Methven*, M.A. Gosney
University of Reading, UK
School meal acceptance in 8-12 -year-old children
I. Palmujoki*, E. Kytö, O. Törnwall, H. Tuorila
University of Helsinki, Finland
A meal experience designed for children
M. Prim*, A. Ĺström
SIK, Sweden
Perception of students of the University of Campinas on consumption and risks of high dietary salt intake.
B.A. Santos1, P.C.B. Campagnol2, M.T.E.L. Galvăo*1, A.G. Cruz3, R. Wagner4, M.A.R. Pollonio1
1Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil, 2Instituto Federal do Triângulo Mineiro, Brazil, 3Instituto Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 4Universidade Federal de Santa Maria, Brazil
Two stage idea deepening approach to guide development of novel fruit flavored gums for Brazilian teens
M. Seity*1, L. Guimares1, E. Nogueira1, D. Paredes2, J. Vahalik3
1Takasago International Corporation, Brazil, 2Takasago International Corporation, USA, 3The Understanding & Insight Group, USA
Quantitative descriptive analysis: Comparison of sensory profiles generated by panels of three different age groups
F.P. Spada*1, C.J. Contreras-Castillo1, N.D. Montes-Villanueva1
1Escola Superior de Agricultura Luiz de Queiroz, Brazil, 2Universidad Católica Sedes Sapientiae. Esq. Constelaciones y Sol de Oro, Peru
Children colour preferences
N. Spaho*, A. Nikolic, A. Faljic, A. Alihodzic
University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Acceptability of flavour bites for older adults
S. Sampere1, N. Sanchez1, L. Valeiras1, M. Hoffer1, M.B. Vázquez*1
1Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2Escuela de Nutrición, Argentina
Role of TRP receptors in taste sensation - Preliminary studies
R. Simpson*1, J. Pratton2, G. Proctor1, G. Carpenter1
11King’s College London Dental Institute, UK, 22GlaxoSmithKline, UK