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Oral Session 12 - Instrumental
Thursday 15 August, 09:00-11:00
Versailles I & II – Ground Floor
Dynamic perception of saltiness and salt release obtained by AMADEUS masticator : contribution of complementary methods to reduce salt content in bakery products
M. Guilloux*1,2, L. Lethuaut1,2, C. Cataneo1,2, S. El Mafadi3, M. Fusellier4, E. Vigneau5,6, A. Le Bail1,2
1ONIRIS, France, 2Université Nantes Angers Le Mans, France, 3CAPSULAE, France, 4Université de Nantes, France, 55USC "Sensometrics and Chemometrics Laboratory, France, 6INRA, France
Luminance distribution asymmetry modifies vegetable freshness perception
K. Okajima*4, C. Arce-Lopera1,4, T. Masuda2, A. Kimura2,3, Y. Wada2
1ICESI University, Colombia, 2National Food Research Institute, Japan, 3Tokyo Denki University, Japan, 4Yokohama National University, Japan
Proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry as a tool for the characterization of sensory panels
A. Romano*1, L. Cappellin1, V. Ting1, E. Aprea1, L. Navarini2, M. Barnabà2, F. Gasperi1, F. Biasioli1
1Fondazione Edmund Mach, Italy, 2Illycaffè S.p.A., Italy
The influence of apple chewing time and frequency on the sensory perception of selected flavour attributes using Temporal Dominance of Sensation (TDS)
C. Brugger*, G.C. Nicol, D. Baumgartner
Agroscope Changins Waedenswil, Switzerland
Predicting sensory characteristics of brandies by using their volatile release profiles
G. Fiches*1,2, I. Déléris1,2, A. Saint-Eve2,1, I. Souchon1,2
1INRA Thiverval-Grignon, France, 2AgroParisTech, France
Linking dynamic texture perception to oral processing and bolus properties of food gels
M. Devezeaux de Lavergne*1,2, M. Stieger1,2
1TI Food and Nutrition, The Netherlands, 2Wageningen University, The Netherlands