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Oral Session 10 - Sensometrics
Wednesday 14 August, 14:00-16:00
Versailles I & II – Ground Floor
Assessment of global and individual reproducibility of projective mapping with consumers
L. Vidal*1, S. Correa2, R.A. Ábalos2, B. Gómez2, G. Ares1
1Universidad de la República, Uruguay, 2Universidad Nacional de Entre Ríos, Argentina
Using generalizability theory to assess and improve the quality of sensory descriptive data
A.J.J. Verhoef, G. Huijberts, W. Vaessen*
Essensor, The Netherlands
Sensory informed design: An effective clustering of incomplete block consumer data
C.J. Findlay*1, R.P. Browne2, P.D. McNicholas2, J.C. Castura1
1Compusense Inc., Canada, 2University of Guelph, Canada
Displacement of judgments due to anchoring on expectations: A psychometric model
J. Scholderer*, B.T. Sørensen
Aarhus University, Denmark
Alternative methods for combining information about products, consumers and consumers' acceptance based on path modelling
E. Menichelli*1,2, M. Hersleth1,2, T. Almøy2, T. Næs1,3
1Nofima AS, Norway, 2The Norwegian University of Life Sciences, Norway, 3University of Copenhagen, Denmark
Principal component analysis versus canonical variate analysis for the analysis of sensory profiles. Meta-analysis of 387 sensory datasets
C. Peltier*1,2, M. Visalli1, P. Schlich1
1INRA, CSGA (UMR 1324), France, 2Université de Bourgogne, France