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Oral Session 7 - Product development
Wednesday 14 August, 10:45-12:45
Louvre I-IV – Ground Floor
How to better communicate on the sensory properties of a product, without having access to the product itself? An application on chocolate mousses
A. Trochoux*, D. Blumenthal, J.M. Sieffermann
AgroParisTech Massy, France
Degree of difference plus - adding diagnostic questions to guide product development
N.J. Vanderklaauw*, A. Cummings, M.M. Lyons
Procter & Gamble, USA
Development of an objective sensory scale to measure consumer perception to freshness
A.J. Bowen*, A. Blake, I. Lesschaeve
Vineland Research and Innovation Centre, Canada
Getting insight into food choice – A new approach combining adaptive conjoint analyses and sensory preference tests
K. Hoppert*2, R. Mai1, S. Zahn2, S. Hoffmann1, H. Rohm2
1Christian-Albrechts-University zu Kiel, Germany, 2Technische University Dresden, Germany
Combining psp and flash profile... Why? How does it work?
E. Teillet*1, C. Petit2, J. Delarue3
1SensoStat, France, 2Puratos, Belgium, 3AgroParisTech, France
Food and beverage pairings: A sensory approach to a culinary phenomenon
L.E. Lee, L.J.R. Lawless, K.N. Oftedal, Y. Koelliker, G.V. Civille*
Sensory Spectrum, Inc, USA